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LIFELINES, a connected and accessible self-contained logistics solution, allows caregivers to focus on their primary mission: caring for patients. By continuously improving inter- and intra-hospital logistics circuits, LIFELINES frees caregivers from the tasks associated with transporting sensitive medical products.

The team brings together experts from different backgrounds such as engineering, higher education and research, medicine, management, communication, design, capable of providing inclusive, customized and incremental solutions.


Project leader



Arts & Métiers Engineer; 20 years as an architect of IT solutions in logistics and Supply Chain; individual and collective efficiency coach for 15 years; co-creator of the 1st Specialized Master in Drone in France “Creator of Drone Solutions: innovative technologies and uses” at Arts & Métiers d’Aix-en-Provence in 2015. Bringing together technology, personal fulfillment and societal progress, this is what has led him to become once again a startup superstar.

A committee of experts



Consultant in human sciences and hospital anthropology.

With a strong experience in civil and military health organization, she refines proposals for structural, social or individual innovations in the sense of a better living together. She works on a daily basis as a psychotherapist-psychoanalyst and doctor in anthropology, in the civilian world. 



Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and graduate of Cornell University in materials science. Founder of the Centralian “school-company” EPSA dedicated to the rapid and robust engineering of ecological prototype competition vehicles, he is also a graduate of the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation and a director of various companies and associations.

The operative team

Sylvain FLUZIN


An INSA engineer from Lyon, a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in PARIS and the Lyon School of Management, he has 20 years of experience in the Digital sector and 10 years of Information Systems and Innovation Management at the IPC, Pauli Calmette Institute against Cancer in Marseille. He has been the promoter, with a strong national leadership, of many innovative projects in the field of patient health related to the communicating hospital : LIDAO, Laboratoire d’Innovation Digitale Appliqué à l’Oncologie; Optimization of e-health pathways.


drone engineer

A dual aeronautical engineer with degrees from Estia and Cranfield University, after completing a full cycle of start-ups, he turned to UAVs. He very quickly spotted a new niche to develop: drone shows.  He is in charge of logistics, organization and technical aspects.

At the same time, he is a consultant for hospital logistics with LIFELINES, among others at the Troyes hospital.



digital content manager

She has been working as a movie set lighting technician for 4 years, she works all over France with the biggest French and international production companies. Very attracted by artistic project management, she joined Elodea to learn new communication techniques such as graphic design and UX/UI design. She has a complete artistic profile which will also allow her to be part of the LIFELINES promotional film production team.


Baptiste ISAR


Product Designer Graduated from the ESDAC design school in Aix-En-Provence with a master’s degree in industrial design and innovative objects, he worked for a year as a model maker at STMicroelectronics. This gave him an insight into the working environment of engineers and contactless high technology. He was recognized for the relevance of these furniture projects, which combine design, comfort, ease of manufacture and low production costs. He has a very good command of CAD, 3D printing and prototyping tools.



"A very very original project, dedicated to success, and which will also have a strong impact via the media on the awareness of donations, as promoted by the EFS and the city of Marseille (the country of container ships but a seafaring city!).
It will also be useful in countries where the graft is emerging and road traffic is almost at a standstill and where the road system is disastrous. Will be all the more useful for emergency when a future active conservation system comes on the market, allowing all along a long term conservation to have a detoxified graft immediately available after a non-invasive counting for urgent grafting. Project to be supported absolutely "
Biomedicine Agency
"Congratulations on your project, which I'm sure can bring something new to health management."
Général Denis Mercier
former Chief of Staff of the French Air Force

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